Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Sodium CMC) has the functions of thickening, suspending, emulsifying, stabilizing, shaping, filming, bulking, anti-corrosion & retains freshness of foods.

It can replace guar gum, gelatin, agar, sodium alginate & pectin. SCMS is widely used in frozen foods, powder drinks, fruit juices, jams, lactic acid drinks, condiments, biscuits, instant noodles, bakery products, meat products & many more.

Sodium CMC - SOLUSE has good thickening property, water retention ability, dispersion stability, film forming & chemical stability. It is highly viscous at low concentrations & makes the food taste delicate & smooth. It reduces the syneresis of foods & extends their shelf life. It can control the crystal size in frozen foods & prevents the separation of oil & water.

In acidic systems, SCMS has good suspending stability. It improves the stability of milk & does not allow coagulation of proteins. Sodium CMC - SOLUSE can be used along with other stabilizers & emulsifiers to synergistically complementing each other’s effects & reducing costs.

Sodium Alginate Beverage

Sodium CMC
SOLUSE - Thickener

Application in alcoholic products
Sodium CMC - SOLUSE imparts mellow taste, strong fragrance & lingering after taste. It is used as a foam stabilizer for beer production to enrich & endure foam & improve taste.
Application in liquid beverages 
Fruit teas, fruit drinks & vegetable juices use SCMS to suspend the fruit pup & other solids. The Sodium CMC - SOLUSE improves uniformity, taste & color. Sodium CMC - SOLUSE increases viscosity of neutral flavored milk drinks such as cocoa milk & prevent sedimentation. The stabilized beverage will thus have longer shelf-life.
Application in Jelly, Milk jelly & Jams
The thixotropic property of Sodium CMC - SOLUSE is excellent & gives good cementitious property to the foods.
Application in instant noodle
Sodium CMC - SOLUSE prevents syneresis & increases puffing ratio. Moisture is easy to control & reduces water requirement & less oil is used. It makes the product uniform & smooth.
Applications in bread and cake
Application in quick-frozen cooked wheaten food & dessert
Sodium CMC - SOLUSE keeps original fresh state of foods even if frozen many times, increasing shelf-life.
Application in biscuit and pancakes
  • Improves the flour quality, texture & adjusts gluten content.
  • Prevents moisture evaporation during aging & makes biscuits & pancakes light & crisp.
Applications in ice creams
  • Enhances viscosity of ice cream mix solution & prevents oil from floating up.
  • Improves uniformity of the system & reduces generation of big ice crystals.
  • Strengthens the anti-melt ability of ice cream & makes it taste delicate & smooth.
  • Reduces the use of solid materials & thus lower costs.
Ice Cream
Application in edible composite film
Sodium CMC - SOLUSE has a film forming ability which has good mechanical strength, transparency, heat seal ability, printability, gas barrier property & water resistance. It satisfies the requirements of different food packages & increases freshness of fruits & vegetables.
Application in brown sour milk beverages
  • Decreases centrifugal sedimentation rate.
  • Drop off the segregation phenomenon of whey.
  • Keeps the system stable & lengthens shelf life.
Applications in yogurt products
  • Enhances thickness & improves the quality, taste & imparts stability.
  • Prevents milk whey from separating & improves yogurt structure.
  • Powerful anti-sedimentation effect, good thermal stability & acid resistance.
Frozen Dessert
Application in condiments
Sodium CMC - SOLUSE regulates viscosity, increases solid content, softens texture & imparts dedicate, smooth taste smell & color of condiments. It makes emulsion stable & increases shelf-life.
Special uses
The ultra-high viscosity Sodium CMC - SOLUSE is necessary in preservation of meat. Transparent grade Sodium CMC - SOLUSE keeps the flavors intact & imparts stability. Granular Sodium CMC - SOLUSE is used to improve manufacturing processes, reduce dust & accelerate dissolution rate.