Advanced Stabilizer for ice cream, lassis, buttermilk etc.

VGEL L/4 stabilizer is a cream-colored powder, used for stabilization of ice creams as well as thickener for lassis, flavored & butter milks. It finds use in large volume dairy products, dressings, mayonnaise, & syrups.

VGEL L/4 stabilizer helps in improving & preserving the viscosity, texture, mouthfeel, after taste, shelf life of the products. It also prevents sedimentation.

Advantages of using VGEL L/4
  • Provides good consistency to the system
  • Good solubility
  • Enhances flavor release
  • Provides soft, smooth texture & excellent visual appeal to the product
  • Enhances shelf life of the product
  • Improves creaminess


Directions for making 10 L of ice cream mix
  • Heat 8 L of milk & add 2 kg of sugar & bring to boil
  • Mix 20 g VGEL L/4 with 2 to 5 g of sugar in a separate container
  • Add B to A in under continuous stirring
  • Cool for 4 to 6 h
  • Add flavor, color etc.
  • Freeze to obtain a delicious ice cream
Composition of VGEL L4

INS 412, INS 1400, INS 466, INS 1442