High Methoxyl (Citrus / Apple) Pectin
Qualities of High Methoxyl (HM) Citrus or Apple Pectin

  1. High methoxyl (HM) pectins are either "Rapid set" or "Slow set".
  2. Both types are extracted from citrus fruit peels or apple pomace & standardized with sucrose. Rapid & Slow set varieties are basically the same however the main difference is the time & temperature required for setting.
  3. Rapid-set pectin requires a higher temperature & less time to set, whereas slow-set pectin sets at a lower temperature & takes more time.
  4. Rapid-set pectin is best for recipes that require suspension capability & thus best for jams, marmalades & preserves. The suspension is that of the fruit particles that are present in the viscous jam or marmalade.
  5. Slow-set pectin is best used where a smooth jelly is desired & having no suspension material.
  6. Typically, HM pectin requires sugar & specific acid levels in order to become firm & thus suitable for making jams, jellies & fruit preserves.
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High Methoxyl Pectin

Sodium Alginate Beverage

High Methoxyl Pectin