Propylene Glycol Alginate - LABHFOAM

Propylene glycol alginate (PGA) is an excellent food additive manufactured from processing of alginic acid which is extracted from natural seaweed.

PGA is white to light-yellow powder & used as a thickener, stabilizer & emulsifier for beverage products.

PGA is amphiphilic which makes it a good emulsifier, imparts foam stability & stabilizing effect of oily colloidal products. Due to its non-ionic nature, it does not precipitate or solidify in presence of metal ions.

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Propylene Glycol Alginate - LABHFOAM



Special use of LABHFOAM in enhancing & stabilizing BEER FOAM

Cold brewing can use LABHFOAM as an additive in beer to enhance electrostatic interactions with polypeptides present. This increases the viscosity of the beer & the liquid in the foam will take a longer time to drain back into the glass. LABHFOAM is added after filtration of the beer.

LABHFOAM shows foam stabilizing effect & gives beer a more stable, longer-lived, creamier foam.


  • LABHFOAM improves the compactness of the beer head and the volume of the head.
  • The creamier foam formed from beer stabilized with LABHFOAM is stable, long-lived and is very resistant to breakdown in the presence of food fats, soap or cosmetics.
  • Beer treated with LABHFOAM forms an attractive, white and long-lasting lace on the glass as the beer is consumed.
  • LABHFOAM helps to overcome fluctuations in wort composition due to seasonal variations in raw materials which adversely affect head retention.
  • LABHFOAM maintains beer quality without affecting brilliance, palatability or flavour of beer.
Beer Foam



LABHFOAM is added to beer as dilute water solution during the final steps of the process. It is more often accomplished by the means of a metering pump proportioning alginate solution into the beer line before final filtration or more seldom after this final filtration.


Dissolve LABHFOAM slowly at the rate of 20g to maximum 50g in a Liter of hot (50°C) water (distilled or softened) with rapid agitation. The use of a high-speed mixer (1500 rpm) is gives best results. The solution should be agitated for thirty minutes to one hour prior to use.

Maximum usage of PGA in various food products stipulated by "Hygienic Standard for the Use of Food Additives” (GB2760-2011) is as follows
Food products Maximum level of PGA (g/kg)
Milk Fat Flavor 2
Icecream 1
Beer & Beverages 0.3
Dairy products & fruit juices 0.3
Milk powder 3
Gum candy, chocolate, condensed milk, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sauce & soy milk beverage 5
Use levels of PGA as per FAO/WHO (1994)
Green beans, yellow beans, sweet com, mushrooms, asparagus, green peas and other canned foods 10 (single or combined total)
Cheese 8
Milk Fat Cheese 5
Cold drinks 10
Tomato sauce 2 to 5
Soybean sauce 1 to 2
Pickled cucumber 5