Nano Hydroxyapatite (Nano-HA) Powder

For Remineralization & Dentin Hypersensitivity Relief Toothpaste Formulas

Nano-hydroxyapatite (nano-HA) has gained prominence in oral care due to its unique properties. Let us explore its role in toothpaste formulations :

  • Composition and Structure : Nano-HA is a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite (HA), a mineral naturally found in teeth and bones that have chemical formula is Ca₁₀(PO₄)₆(OH)₂.
  • Our Nano-HA particles are incredibly small, between 30-50 nm crystallite size by XRD measurements & thus enhancing their efficacy when used in oral hygiene formulas like toothpastes & dental tablets.

  • Remineralization : Studies have shown that nano-HA can remineralize initial caries lesions. Nano-HA acts as a calcium & phosphate reservoir, maintaining a state of supersaturation at the tooth surfaces and allows replenishment of depleted calcium and phosphorus ions. This promotes crystal deposition and growth, strengthening the enamel.
Nano Hydroxyapatite for Toothpaste Formulas

Nano (HA) Toothpaste

For Use in Skin Care Cosmetics

Nano Hydroxyapatite is used as an ingredient of skin care cosmetics.

Nano Hydroxyapatite accelerates the effect of collagen production by the fibroblastic cells. The fibroblasts are programmed to produce collagen matrix which is the main structural component of connective tissue of the skin.

Nano Hydroxyapatite for Skin Care Cosmetics

Nano (HA) Skin Care Cosmetics

Protein collagen is responsible for the structure, elasticity & firmness of the skin which is produced by cells called fibroblasts. Fibroblast cells have receptors on their surface (called integrins) and they attach to proteins in the collagen matrix including Type I collagen. The synthesis of Type I collagen is induced by the fibroblastic growth factor (FGF) & thus skin aging control can be strategized, apart from other growth factors. This leads to skin revitalization, wrinkle treatment options. It also cleanses the skin gently by removing sebum & dirt from blocked pores providing freshness as compared to use of hard abrasive cleansing agents. Thus, a two-fold advantage of the skin formulations can be got: a) gentle cleansing & b) rejuvenation.

Nano Hydroxyapatite is a fine colorless powder having an average size of about 40 nm, acicular in morphology. This size allows it to pass into the larger gap of the cells of the skin.

Our nano hydroxyapatite is of mineral origin & is produced using raw materials & processes which do not use any animal origin products. It is also free from GMO, TSE & BSE.